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As eclectic as your housemates, this moveable garden features a cool collection of low maintenance plants that won’t keep you from partying on Saturday night.

The plants in this look


A sculptural and tough succulent.


A sculptural addition to any garden.

Bird of paradise

As tough as nails and tolerates exposed conditions and serious neglect.

Cast iron plant

A true survivor! Tolerates dark, shady spots with minimal water.

Century plant

A succulent plant which tolerates tough love!

Chalk sticks

A hardy and easy to grow plant.

Devil’s Ivy

An indoor winner! It tolerates neglect and low light.

Dragon Tree

One of the un-killables!


A colourful addition to any sunny outdoor space.

Fruit salad plant

An indoor winner which tolerates low light, not much water.


A great pot plant for sunny spots.

Heart leaf philodendron

A fast growing hanging plant that requires little maintenance.

Hedge cactus

The ultimate plant for the hottest and driest spots. Beware of spikes!

Hen and Chickens

Can be grown indoors in very well lit areas only.

Indian Hawthorn

A low growing adaptable shrub that likes full sun to part shade.

Jade or Money tree

A tough-as-nails succulent.

Kentia Palm

A popular age-old indoor plant, can also be grown outdoors.


A great first plant for children, easy to grow in pots or in ground.

Matt Rush

Super tough! Grows well in a range of soil and climatic conditions.

Mistletoe cactus

A tough succulent plant.

Mother-in-laws tongue

Grows well in both full sun and heavy shade and requires minimal water.


Loves lots of sun and can live for over 100 years. Great for pots.

Peace Lily

A very hardy plant, great for indoor spaces.

Ponytail palm

A slow grower with a trunk that develops a very swollen base over time.

Radiator plant

An indoor plant with striking leaves. Can be grown outdoors in tropical climates.

Rojo Congo

An excellent indoor plant, it tolerates dark spots and mild neglect.


A great hedge or pot plant that loves lots of sun.

Rubber plant

Best kept as an indoor specimen only!

Shore juniper

As tough as they come!

String of beans

Looks best in a hanging basket. Can be grown indoors in well lit areas. Careful not to overwater.

Wax Flower

A beautiful climber grown indoors or outdoors, prefers warmer climates.


Grows well under trees in shady, dry positions. If indoors ensure high light levels.

ZZ Plant

An unkillable indoor plant, tolerates low light and extreme neglect.



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