Just starting to green your home and don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’re a seasoned grower who wants plants that can handle you being out for the weekend more often than not.


A sculptural and tough succulent.


A sculptural addition to any garden.

Aloe vera

World-renowned for its healing qualities.

Aniseed Myrtle

A handsome tall plant, with glossy foliage giving off a licorice scent.

Aussie Crawl

This low growing native loves well drained soil and lots of light.


Loves lots of sun, regular water and rich soil.

Bird of paradise

As tough as nails and tolerates exposed conditions and serious neglect.

Black Knight

A fast growing shrub with masses of fragrant deep purple flowers.

Black Lance

One of the best houseplants that can tolerate lower light levels.


This scrambling shrub is known for its intensely coloured flowers.


The perfect feature plant for a tropical or formal garden design.

Canna Lily

These low maintenance plants have troplical-like foliage and large flowers.

Cardboard palm

A great feature plant for a pot or large container.

Cast iron plant

A true survivor! Tolerates dark, shady spots with minimal water.

Century plant

A succulent plant which tolerates tough love!

Chilli Peppers

A small shrub with robust stems known for its shiny pungent fruits.

Cordyline Negra

An amazing evergreen variety with rich dark purple foliage.

Cousin It

An unusual and extremely tough Australian native groundcover.


A tough-as-nails succulent.

Crepe Myrtle

Produces crepe-like flowers in shades of pink, red, purple and white.


An easy-to-grow plant known for the colour and pattern of its leaves.

Curry Myrtle

Get that curry aroma from the foliage of this flowering plant.

Cushion bush

Likes lots of water and full sun. Grows well amongst rocks and gravel.

Cut leaf daisy

A native groundcover with mauve daisy flowers.

Desert Stars

The shrub is regularly adorned with attractive white, sweetly scented, star-shaped flowers.

Devil’s Ivy

An indoor winner! It tolerates neglect and low light.

Dichondra Silver Falls

A wonderful trailing plant with beautiful silver foliage.


Tropical houseplant with green and yellow fleshy leaves.

Dipladenia ‘Rio White’

Stunning white blooms paired with lush, glossy foliage.

Dracenia Sanderiana White

Bamboo resembling plant with funky shaped canes.

Dragon Tree

One of the un-killables!

Dragon’s Breath

Known for blazing, plumelike flowers and striking green-red foliage.

Dwarf Bougainvillea

This scrambling shrub is known for its intensely coloured flowers.

Dwarf she-oak

A textural native groundcover with a cascading form.

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

This plant is great for indoors as it is very easy to take care of.

English Ivy

This hardy, attractive evergreen vine is a supurb climber!


A hardy perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves.


A colourful addition to any sunny outdoor space.


This show-off pink bloom is versatile and easy to grow in any garden.


A great pot plant for sunny spots.


Known for their bright and cheerful daisy-like flowers.

Grass Tree

Very slow growing and likes very well drained soil and plenty of sun.


A great plant for small sunny spots in a range of climates.

Heart leaf philodendron

A fast growing hanging plant that requires little maintenance.

Hedge cactus

The ultimate plant for the hottest and driest spots. Beware of spikes!

Hen and Chickens

Can be grown indoors in very well lit areas only.


A reliable shrub offering beautiful bouquets of clustered flowers.

Indian Hawthorn

A low growing adaptable shrub that likes full sun to part shade.

Jade or Money tree

A tough-as-nails succulent.

Kentia Palm

A popular age-old indoor plant, can also be grown outdoors.


Loves a hot, dry position and low humidity.

Lemon grass

Prized for its thick, lemon flavoured stems.


A great first plant for children, easy to grow in pots or in ground.

Matt Rush

Super tough! Grows well in a range of soil and climatic conditions.

Mistletoe cactus

A tough succulent plant.

Mother-in-laws tongue

Grows well in both full sun and heavy shade and requires minimal water.

Mountain Sandwort

A hardy groundcover carpeted in white blossoms during spring.

Native Flax

Drought hardy once established.

Native Mint

A slender shrub that grows quickly to provide that minty waft.

Old Man Saltbush

A woody shrub that is known for its drought-tolerant resilience.


Loves lots of sun and can live for over 100 years. Great for pots.


This herb has purple flowers and spade-shaped, olive-green leaves.

Panda Plant

A great addition to a sensory garden, low maintenance once established.


Grows easily from seed or seedlings and tolerates mild neglect.

Peace Lily

A very hardy plant, great for indoor spaces.

Perez’s Sea Lavender

A tough perennial herb with an intense purple bloom.


Petunias are continuously in bloom in warmer months and are the ideal pot of colour


Pigface is a fun, versatile plant with a unique nick name.

Pigs Ear

A great container plant for a sunny outdoor area.

Ponytail palm

A slow grower with a trunk that develops a very swollen base over time.


Loves lots of water, rich soil and a well lit spot.


A great hedge or pot plant that loves lots of sun.

Rubber plant

Best kept as an indoor specimen only!

Ruby Saltbush

A hairy and attractive shrub that can withstand extreme temperatures.


This mint relative blooms for a long time in a wide spectrum of colours.

Sago Palm

A statement plant for a formal or tropical garden design.

Salvia Hot Lips

A stunning display of flowers for most of the year.

Shore juniper

As tough as they come!

Silver Spoons

A gorgeous feature plant in a sunny outdoor spot.


Loves lots of water and space, plant in a pot to contain it.

Spider Plant

Low-maintenance and will have its leaves gushing out in no time.

Star fish flower

A tough plant for pots in well lit areas, doesn't like lots of water.

Star Jasmine

Very easy to grow and a great screening plant.


Loves full sun, well drained soil, drought tolerant once established.

Variegated Shell Ginger

A hardy landscaping plant with tough variegated foliage and hanging flowers.


With abundant blooms, this robust old-school plant is a classic.

Warrigal greens

Known as a hardier spinach, this leafy plant is a short-lived but tasteful prostate.


Can tolerate light frosts and dry spells.


A great low maintenence plant with flowers that attract bees and small birds.

Wonga wonga vine

A vigorous native climber that can cover a trellis or wall in no time!

Woolley bush

A great screening or hedge plant.


Grows well under trees in shady, dry positions. If indoors ensure high light levels.

Yellow buttons

A hardy, low maintenance plant.

Zebra Grass

With long, striped arching leaves, there are few showier garden plants.

ZZ Plant

An unkillable indoor plant, tolerates low light and extreme neglect.


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